Contactless Access Systems

Contactless Access Systems

Since the new Covid-19 pandemic started, there have been significant changes in our lives. The increase in the use of masks and disinfectants, the widespread use of contactless payment systems and contactless access systems are among the biggest changes in our lives during the pandemic.

With the pandemic, contactless payment and contactless access systems are now much more widespread than before. The card and contactless payment transactions, which have been in our lives for a long time, are now an indispensable feature, but have become one of the most sought after features in payment methods.

Likewise, contactless access systems have become frequently used by businesses that want to offer people an environment which will prevent the spread of the virus. The contactless access systems used especially by the gyms to keep strangers away, ensuring the safety of the members and providing a more hygienic entrance to the members thanks to the contactless access system.


Lapis Contactless Access Systems

Members of the facilities using Lapis Wellness Management Software have the opportunity to enter the facility safely and without contact by using a QR code at the entrance to the facility with the Lapis Mobile application. In this way, the risk of virus contamination is minimized, members can safely exercise in the facility.

By integrating Lapis Wellness Management Software into your club, you can perform all operational and managerial work within the club much faster and easier. In addition to contactless access systems, with Lapis POS, your members can also shop in a contactless way with the electronic balance they load in their accounts without the need for any payment instrument. With Lapis Business, you can view and interpret your club’s statistics and reports on a single screen from your mobile device and take the necessary actions quickly.

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