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Quarantine Period and Sports Halls

As a result of the period we are in, many of our habits such as our daily lives, relationships, sports habits, and payment methods have changed. A limited number of visitors are received in many places, including shops, shopping malls, restaurants and gyms, and contactless payment methods are now almost an integral part of our lives.

When we consider gyms, the situation here is not the same as before. The fact that the halls were closed for a long time due to quarantine affected the sector very badly. With the end of the quarantine period, although the gyms have been reopened, the virus has still not been deactivated. This situation leads to the fact that people are also more cautious and sports halls are not so popular as before.


Lapis Mobile is with sports centers!

Lapis Lapis Wellness Management Software is the biggest helper of these businesses during these times when businesses such as gyms, spas and water parks are going through difficult times. In facilities managed by Lapis Wellness Management Software, members can make their payments online safely via Lapis Mobile, enroll in group lessons, make reservations, manage their membership through the application and choose the equipment they want for their lessons.

With the renewed Lapis Mobile, facility members can easily take care of all their needs without any assistance. Since all transactions such as reservations can be made by the users from the mobile application, no extra staff is needed, thus reducing costs.

With the newest and best Lapis Mobile, take your members’ experience to a completely different level and increase satisfaction.

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