Manage your <br> fitness club <br> efficiently. Manage your <br> fitness club <br> efficiently. Manage your <br> fitness club <br> efficiently. Manage your <br> fitness club <br> efficiently.

Manage your
fitness club

Our powerful club management features
let you engage on your sales with confidence.

How makes fitness
management easier than ever ?

Manage Members

Manage Members's features save time at every stage of the fitness management. 

  • Create, list and modify members. Renew or cancel memberships. 
  • Get new members by sending targeted e-mail and sms. 
  • Keep track of your members' workouts, measurements and progress. 
Manage Members
Online Sing-Up

Online Sing-Up

  • Sign-up new members while touring your facility.
  • Manage all of your membership sales and renewals online.
  • Let your potential members sign-up themselves.
Online Sing-Up


  • Product, place, price and promotion. That's the only 4Ps of marketing you can manage with
  • Manage all your customer relationships in one place and close more sales. 
  • Create custom contracts, packages and promotions easily. 


  • See the big picture with our easy to read reports. 
  • Access your reports with your mobile device and see how your clubs are performing. 

Lapis Facility Management Software is a web-based software developed by Lapis for many years for fitness, SPA, studio and aqupark businesses, providing many powerful management and reporting tools that enable these facilities to be managed most effectively and easily. It includes many features such as membership management, reservation management, online membership, access control, multi-location, and mobile application and much more.

 Lapis fitness management software provides you all the tools you need to make you perform a perfect management process on your facility. Manage your members, ease your process with online sign-up, create custom contracts, packages and promotions, evaluate your facility better with the easy to read reports. It’s a complete management software and will be your best companion. 

With Lapis, everything in the facility is under your control. This excellent control on the facility prevents unwanted situations and ensures that every single operation made in time and member satisfaction is provided. All operations in the facility could be made easily by Lapis Fitness Management Software. Everything is on the cloud and safe. Memberships management, reservations, bookings, sales, and many other things could be easily made from the internet. 

Yes. Lapis could be used in the other branches of your club thanks to the multi-location feature. You can see how the other branches of your club are performing, you can reach realtime and easy to read reports and evaluate other branches, see how the other branches are performing and evaluate them to help you make a better decision making. Focus on worse performing branches make them as good as the other ones. 

Yes. You can contact our team and request a demo for free. Our team will provide you the demo and you can see how Lapis works and how it’s easy to use on your own. 

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