Studio software that <br> makes management <br> painless. Studio software that <br> makes management <br> painless. Studio software that <br> makes management <br> painless. Studio software that <br> makes management <br> painless.

Studio software that
makes management
painless. is an innovative software that supports studio owners
through powerful management tools.

See how gives you
power over your studio.



You won't be busy anymore with doing the hard work.

  • Let your guests make the session bookings themselves and save your time.
  • Managers, staff and guests can see their own schedule.
  • Works on every device flawlessly, doesn't matter whether you are on your PC, tablet or smartphone.
Branded App

Branded App

Enhance the experience of your members with the branded mobile app.

  • You'll get your own app compatible with iOS and Android platforms.
  • With the app your studio will have more brand exposure. 
  • The branded mobile app will add prestige to your club and your competitors will be far behind. 
Branded App


  • Manage staff time schedule, bonuses and information.
  • All you HR needs are under your fingertips. 
  • You don't need to use another software or Excel for keeping staff managed. 


  • See the big picture with our easy to read reports. 
  • Access your reports with your mobile device and see how your clubs are performing.
  • Use the easy to read reports to perform a better decision making on the other branches of your facility. 

Let’s be real. You can’t operate a studio facility with small pieces of papers having records written on them. In the rush hours, many people will come to the facility. If you don’t have system deal with that, it may cause a chaos. In order to efficiently manage the sessions, you will need a management software. The management software will ease all the operations within the facility and will help you provide a more efficient management, and increase the customer satisfaction accordingly. 

It will help you arrange your bookings efficiently and prevent confusions. You will also get a branded mobile app compatible for both Android and iOS platforms, which will help your brand to get more exposure and enhance the studio experience of your guests. The branded mobile app also adds prestige to your facility. It will provide you a hassle free management allover. You will manage your facility as you never did before. 

Lapis Club Management Software works flawlessly and smoothly on all devices thanks to its web-based interface. Its user-friendly and easy-to-use interface allows you to access all the management and reporting tools you need, whenever you need, from your tablet, phone or computer. In short, wherever you have internet access, you can easily manage your facility from any device while sipping your coffee.

Since Lapis is a web-based software, it allows you to access the platform from any device, at any time, regardless of location. It allows businesses with multiple branches to be easily managed from a single screen. It enables managers to evaluate the facility effectively and make more accurate and strategic decisions thanks to the reporting tools. It eliminates confusion, allows members to make their own reservation transactions, additional personnel are not needed for reservation transactions and cost advantage is provided.

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