The Features Of The Sotwares Used In The Smart Sport Centers

The Features Of The Sotwares Used In The Smart Sport Centers

The word “Smart” took place in every aspect of our lives today. Smart phone, smart city, smart home, smart car … Smart gyms also today has become the choice of fitness enthusiasts. So what is a smart fitness room, what are the essential features of these gyms?

Lapis fitness akıllı yönetim yazılımı
Lapis fitness management software

A smart gym is, where all the functions within the business are manageable with smart technologies, where business data can be reported; as a result, the maximum level of work efficiency a type of business in which it operates.

The outstanding thing of this businesses success is, the sport center software used follows all the updates and the developing technology, and with the hardware working systematically and integrated, gives maximum support to the profit of the business.

By the features of this software, users can control the entrance and exit of the hall,
programs and how much they use the sports equipment, sink and shower
monitoring of water usage in cabins, controlling room temperature in swimming pool
the ability to provide light control of the environment, monitoring the use of electricity,
the tracking of fitness members, to create general reports and statistics of the fitness usage of the members exclusively or for all the members.
The main purpose of the software is to manage the operating costs well, both operating
efficiency is maximized as well as customer satisfaction is kept at the highest level.

With his smart software solutions, Lapis is a special application which empowers the management with strong reporting tools adds power and efficiency to the facilities like fitnesses, SPA’s, waterparks, golf facilities and studios. Lapis ensures the facility efficiency and by providing reporting solutions, it enables the managers to track the customers, it allows the system managers to track the equipment usage times and customer performance follows, and most importantly it allows to create strategic planning processes exclusively for each member. To get more information about the topics Lapis helps with this fitness management processes, please visit :

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