Waterpark <br> management <br> Software. Waterpark <br> management <br> Software. Waterpark <br> management <br> Software. Waterpark <br> management <br> Software.


With it's technology, Lapis.net helps you increase
the guest experience.

How Lapis.net makes waterparks
more fun ?



Lapis.net improves guest experience by providing powerful tools to the management.

  • Sell tickets online or at the counter with Lapis.net.
  • Control facility access and ensure security. 
  • Decrease costs by making sure every guest is charged. 
POS (Point of Sale)

POS (Point of Sale)

  • Sell more, earn more, care less.
  • Track your sales instantly wherever you are. 
  • Increase your sales by the easy order interface of Lapis.net
POS (Point of Sale)


  • Access and manage your books from anywhere and from any device. 
  • See your club's performance, make analysis and strategize wisely. 
  • Create custom reports easily. 


  • Get payments, create invoices, eliminate errors, sell more and track what matters automatically. 
  • That's it. Thanks to Lapis.net, now you can spend more time with your family. 
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Lapis Facility Management Software is a web-based software developed by Lapis for many years for fitness, SPA, studio and aqupark businesses, providing many powerful management and reporting tools that enable these facilities to be managed most effectively and easily. It includes many features such as membership management, reservation management, online membership, access control, multi-location, and mobile application and much more.

Lapis Facility Management Software was developed especially for fitness, SPA, studio and aquapark businesses and presented to the use of these business managers. Thanks to the powerful management tools it offers, it enables the managers of these facilities to manage the business more effectively, and thanks to the reporting tools, more effective evaluation of the business enables them to make more effective decisions accordingly. With the integration of hotel software, it works seamlessly with hotel software, empowers hotel management and simplifies management processes.

Lapis Facility Management Software works flawlessly and smoothly on all devices thanks to its web-based interface. Its user-friendly and easy-to-use interface allows you to access all the management and reporting tools you need, whenever you need, from your tablet, phone or computer. In short, wherever you have internet access, you can easily manage your facility from any device while sipping your coffee.

Since Lapis is a web-based software, it allows you to access the platform from any device, at any time, regardless of location. It allows businesses with multiple branches to be easily managed from a single screen. It enables managers to evaluate the facility effectively and make more accurate and strategic decisions thanks to the reporting tools. It eliminates confusion, allows members to make their own reservation transactions, additional personnel are not needed for reservation transactions and cost advantage is provided.


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