Web Based Fitness Club Management Software

It’s important to manage your club in every aspect while not depending on outdated servers, computers and software.

Lapis is Accessible Everywhere on Every Device

Lapis Club Management Software can be accessible from whereever you are. Hassle free.

You can manage your club while sipping your lemonade in a beach or in a boring conference you’ve attended.

Sales Team Can Make the Sell While Touring the Club

Your sales team pitches to many customer and tours them around the club to make the sell.

Traditionally after the club tour there is a “pause moment” which is to go to the computers, sit there and fill in the customer information.

That “pause moment” gives the potential customer a lot of time to think herself out of the membership. This reduces the amount of successful sales.

However, with Lapis sales team can make the sale and customers can sign the e-contract while touring the club. That’s it, no “pause moments”.

Private Trainers Benefit From Lapis

After your potential customers become your club members, they might need private training with their desired workouts.

Private trainers can create a workout program or private session schedules while talking to the members in the club, with any kind of mobile device.

Everthing is on the cloud. Safe.

From sales to reporting Lapis is an end to end, complete fitness club management software.

Every data in Lapis is stored in cloud and can be accessible from anywhere, any device.

Start using Lapis now and manage your club with your fingertips.

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