What is Gym Member Tracking Software ?

What is Gym Member Tracking Software?

Today, the digital transformation network has encompassed everything from individuals to businesses, from the tools used in daily life to the homes we live in. In addition, developing smart technologies and the intelligent software that provides the infrastructure of these technologies provide a great advantage to business owners in terms of easy management of many businesses today. 

Sports and fitness centers, which are indispensable in our lives today, are easily managed with the member tracking systems of the gym, which is one of the benefits of this technological transformation network. Gym member tracking software actually offers much more than member tracking. These systems, which are completely flexible in terms of how the business is managed, can meet all the needs of the business owners and are designed according to the wishes of the business owners. 

Lapis Club Management Software is one of these gym member tracking software which provides the necessary hardware and infrastructure to manage the entire workflow from end to end and under one roof. Lapis, which has been preferred by the fitness sector for more than 15 years, is a Gym Management Software which is preferred in all scales businesses by signing many firsts in the sector with its different equipment.

What management components does the end-to-end system cover? Membership management, reservation, studio course management, access control systems, access monitor, point of sale, electronic wallet, restaurant management, sales opportunity tracking, mobile application, mobile portal, guest relations, finance, inventory management, supply management, budget management and integration.

More specifically, first of all you can perform A to Z Member Management with the gym member software. You can make sales to your members by making subscription and product definitions in advance and manage your members effortlessly. Your potential customers can easily perform membership transactions, make payments easily through the system and access their historical transactions through the same system. As a business, you can define the wristband of which a member can receive services and follow all the transactions performed by the members.

With the help of this management software, you can provide your members with the convenience of purchasing self-service, minimizing the effort spent on invoicing and making sales to member profiles with low credit card limits.

Besides, you can satisfy your customers with the win-win understanding by preparing special packages for your customers. For example, earn bonus system as you spend. Members may collect bonuses as they spend inside with the money they load on their cards or wristbands and may use their bonuses in other services and products purchased.

With Lapis Club Management Software, you can reduce your personnel costs, simplify membership fee acquisition processes, shorten your administrative processes, strengthen your communication with your members, and make your daily financial analysis and reporting easier. You can control member activities from a single window, increase your membership renewal rates and make your members’ needs easier to reach. In addition, you can save operating costs and improve the overall service quality of your facility in the light of reporting and analysis.

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