Workout Programs With Lapis Mobile

Workout Programs With Lapis Mobile

Sport is definitely an indispensable part of our lives and many people are interested in sports in one way or another, albeit for different purposes. Some to get rid of excess weight, some to keep fit, some to gain volume … The topic of our blog post this month is about creating and following workout programs with Lapis Mobile.

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In this article, we will talk about creating workout programs, following and learning workout programs with Lapis Mobile.

Track Your Workouts with Lapis Mobile

With Lapis Mobile, which provides countless convenience for both gym members and club managers, your workouts become much more enjoyable. You can plan your workouts in the training section in the application and assign different training programs specific to the day.

You can search for moves to add to your workout, and play as you wish with parameters such as set number and rest times. Want to try a new and different exercises? Just watch the videos to learn how to do different movements correctly for each area and each muscle by navigating the recorded movements! So you can avoid making mistakes and minimize your injury risk.

Create Workouts and Determine Sets

By adding movements to the training program and determining the number of sets, you can perform an optimum training, follow your sets and avoid unwanted situations such as over-set / less-set, and you can perform your training in the most effective way.

Of course, what can be done with Lapis Mobile is not limited to creating and following workout programs! Here are some of the other great features Lapis Mobile offers:

  • Massages, PT, studio course packages and product sales can be made with online payment from mobile.
  • With its Masterpass infrastructure, it provides high level security and offers quality. Members can quickly implement their credit cards registered in Masterpass. Card numbers do not need to be entered repeatedly.
  • Services such as massage and PT can be booked.
  • Studio course reservations can be made.
  • Equipment choices such as mat or bicycle can be made.
  • Training programs can be viewed; motion videos can be watched
  • Body measurements can be viewed; comparison graphics with old measurements can be examined.
  • With the entry reservations application, it offers limited access with reservations due to the epidemic.
  • Membership information, remaining days and contracts can be viewed; membership renewal and freezing operations can be done.
  • It provides the opportunity to pass through the access points without contact with the QR code.

Of course, the privileges offered by Lapis and Lapis Mobile are not limited to these.

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